Sitting Levels

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Frank Mitman – Portrait Sittings

Download Frank Mitman Sittings Brochure


Approximately forty photographs will be taken, of which you may choose ten images for viewing on our website. All images are photographed in the studio during this 30 minute timeslot using the background selected by your yearbook committee with a standard head and shoulders composition, along with a second background choice from our specified selections to give you added variety. In addition to the yearbook attire one more outfit and a prop is allowed.


This is a step up from the standard sitting level. The number of photographs taken will increase to approximately sixty, of which you may choose fifteen images for viewing on our website. During the allotted 45 minutes, there is a total of three background choices including the school chosen yearbook background. You may bring props and two additional outfits of your choice plus the suggested school attire.


An expansion of the Special sitting, which adds one outdoor setting but keeps the same number of backgrounds and outfits, and increases the timeslot to 60 minutes and the images on the website to twenty.


The ultimate sitting is one of our most elaborate and relaxed sessions, with over a hundred photographs taken with a mixture of outdoor and indoor options during a 90 minute session. The number of images on our website for viewing is expanded to twenty five. Choose up to three backgrounds for your indoor session and a variety of outdoor environments. You can bring up to five outfits including your school suggested attire, and unique props to define your interests. If inclement weather disrupts your session we will reschedule the outdoor portion.


The Elite Experience is for the senior who wants unique photographs and a truly memorable experience in addition to the standard yearbook photographs. You are invited to experience a half day photo excursion, traveling to some of Frank’s favorite outdoor spots where you will be photographed in a contemporary high fashion style. Included is a professional hair and make-up artist session at our studio. At least 150 images will be taken of which you can choose 30 views to be displayed on our website.  


Add a green-screen session with a digital backdrop from our extensive background catalog for an added fee of only $15, or substitute it as one of your included background choices.  

The sitting level time slots mentioned above are photography time, please allow additional time in your schedule to edit your photos.