Packages and Collections

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Gift Collections

Gift collections are the most economical way to purchase professional prints. To create a collection just select your favorite view or views and mix and match
to the suggested sizes. Wallet prints are ordered eight per view.


  • Basic (Single view)$199
  • One 8×12
  • Two 5×7
  • 8 Wallet prints
  • Family (Up to Three views)$319
  • One 8×12
  • Four 5x7s
  • 16 Wallet prints
  • 1 Digital File
  • 5×7 Tassel Frame or Two-view 4×6 frame
  • Value (Up to Five views)$439
  • Two 8x12s
  • Six 5x7s
  • Four 3112 x5s
  • 16 Wallet prints
  • 3 Digital Files
  • Framed Three-view 4×6 display or Three-view vertical composite
  • Presentation (Up to Ten Views)$579
  • Three 8×12
  • Six 5×7
  • Three 4×6
  • Three Digital Files
  • 24 Wallet prints or 8×10 Tassel Frame or Four-view 4×5 Tassel Frame
  • 8-view Album or 11×17 Flat Canvas or Framed 11×17 print
  • Display (Up to Fifteen Views)$789
  • Three 8×12
  • Six 5×7
  • 24 Wallet prints
  • Ten-view 5×7 Album
  • 25 Graduation Announcements
  • Framed 11 x 17 print or 11x 17 Flat Canvas
  • These Fifteen digital files on Flash Drive
  • Elegance (Up to Twenty Views)$989
  • Four 8×12
  • Eight 5×7
  • 32 Wallet prints
  • Framed six view display or SENIOR frame
  • 50 Graduation Announcements
  • Ten-view 10×10 Album or 16×20 Gallery Wall Plaque
  • 16×20 Gallery wrapped canvas or Frame Flast Canvas
  • These Twenty digital files on Flash Drive

Add additional views to any collection for $20 per view

8xl2 is recommended to maintain image proportion and integrity and to avoid
unwanted cropping. The 8xl0 size is available by request.

  • We do offer a budget friendly ESSENTIALS Package consisting of One 5×7 and Two 3.5×5$99

We use a professional grade luster paper with archival dye stability guaranteed
to exceed fifty years.

All packages can be customized to fit your needs by switching equivalent sizes or trading specialty items within the package.

Collection Additions

Extra Wallet Prints

Add additional wallet prints to any collection at the discounted prices listed below. Our wallet prints are a large 2.5×3.5 inch size and come with rounded corners. Personalize your wallet prints with your name and graduation year for no additional cost.

  • 8 – One view$69
  • 16 – Up to Two views$89
  • 24 –  Up to Three views$99
  • 32 – Up to Four views$109
  • 40 – Up to Five views$119
  • 48 – Up to Six views$129
  • Additional groups of 8 wallets$10 each

Keepsake Prints

Be different. Let your friends remember you with 3.5 x 5 inch Keepsake print instead of the customary wallet size print. Our Keepsake prints display up to four of your favorite photographs yet are small enough to fit in most standard size albums.

  • 24$129
  • 48$179

Add-On Prints

  • Descriptionw/o collection
    w/ collection
  • 8 Wallets$119$69
  • 16 Wallets$199$89
  • Four 3.5 x 5$119$69
  • Three 4×6$119$69
  • 5×7$119one for $49,two for $69
  • 8×12, 8xl0 $119 $69
  • llx17, llx14 $199 $129
  • l6x22, l6x20 $259 $159
  • 20×24 $309 $199
  • 24×30 $379 $259

Collages, Displays and Portfolios

Many of our portrait collections include multi-image framed displays either in montage design or presented in multi opening mats. These collages and presentations
allow you to display, in a beautiful grouping, more views than the image selections limited to most collections.

You may also add a wide variety of collages and displays to any collection at discounted with collection prices. This is an elegant and economical way to show off
more views from your preview set.

  • Descriptionw/o collection
    w/ collection
  • Montage (10×10)$220$149
  • Montage (16×16)$280$199
  • 8-view Album Portfolio$245$189
  • 12×16 Framed Collage$350$249
  • 16×20 Framed Collage$385$319
  • Three view Framed Composite$195$129
  • Three view Framed Display$195$129
  • Four view Framed Display$245$159
  • Six view Framed Display$295$209
  • Senior Frame$225$169
  • Grade Frame$135$89
  • 5×7 Tassel Frame$135$89
  • 8×10 Tassel Frame$175$129
  • 5×7 Ten view Album$410$329

Mini Portfolios can now be added as an add-on to any portrait package. They are wallet-sized accordion style hardcover books that can contain up to 12 wallet sized retouched images for $125.00 for three books.

Flush Mount Wood Wall Plaques

  • Does not require a frame
  • Mount directly to the wall via a key hole hanger
  • Plaques can be added to any package
  • Available in 7 different wood edges
  • Sturdy 1/2″ depth on maple wood
  • 8×10/12 Plaque$99
  • 11×14/17 Plaque$159
  • 16×20 Plaque$289

Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Stretched artist’s canvas showing the image wrapped around the wooden stretcher bar.


  • 8×12$85
  • 11×17$139
  • 16×20$169
  • 20×24$209

Economy wrap

  • 8×12$99
  • 11×17$149
  • 16×20$179
  • 20×24$229

Premium wrap

  • 8×12$159
  • 11×17$199
  • 16×20$249
  • 20×24$299</li

Graduation Announcements

Introducing custom designed Graduation Announcements with your favorite senior portrait images.

  • Two sided, 5×7 size cards
  • Custom designed with your favorite senior portrait images
  • No image use fee to use our studio created images with package purchase
  • Printed on glossy, satin or linen card stock
  • Select from 12 styles
  • Includes envelopes
  • 25 Grad cards$79
  • 50 Grad cards$129
  • 75 Grad cards$169
  • 100 Grad cards$189

Digital Files

Instead of printed portraits you can purchase the digital file(s) and a 4×6 guide print(s) with copyright release for
the same package prices. Or digital files of your package images can be added to your printed package at the followiing discount (regularly $50) based on the package:

  • Basic & Family$49 each
  • Value & Presentation$39 each
  • Display & Eleganceincluded

Mini Portfolios

Mini Portfolios can be added as an add-on to any portrait package. They are wallet-sized accordion style hardcover magnetic books that can contain up to 12 wallet sized retouched images for $145.00 for three books.

Spiral-Bound Proof Books

  • Personalized front page
  • 4 images per page
  • As many pages as you want (*3 page minimum)
  • Add to any package for only $25 per page

Studio Procedures and Policies

Extensive Retouching: Basic to moderate retouching is included with all gift packages, print collections and studio enlargements. An additional fee may be
charged for changes to the image the studio may deem extensive. An estimate will be provided for any extensive retouching.

Payment: Sitting fees are payable immediately after the session. Enlargement orders, print collection and wallet packages require a down payment of 50% of
the total order at the time the order is placed. Balance is due upon delivery of the finished order. Layaway is also available with a 25% down payment and the
additional payments made at your convenience, with the balance due at the completion of the finished order.

Copyright notice: United States copyright law protects all images created by
Digital Photographic Imaging. It is unlawful to duplicate, copy, scan or reproduce
a professional photographer’s images without permission. All rights reserved