Can I purchase the image files?

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This question is one photographers have agonized about since the first time a man with a camera accepted money to take a picture. In the old days, before digital, when all images were captured on film, photographers almost never sold the negative that created the print. If the photographer did sell the negative the price was very high because once the film negative changed hands the photographer lost all control of print quality and lost any and all print sales from that image. For all intents, the negative was worth much, much more than any print the negative could create because an unlimited amount of prints can be created from the same negative.
The digital file is exactly like a film negative.
A bigger concern for the photographer is the loss of quality control. Photographers have a trained eye and are very concerned about how their images appear in print. We photographers agonize over how black the blacks are in a print, and how the skin tones reproduce. If the print is as little as 10% too dark or light, or too red or blue we destroy the print and start over. We may see the image in a finer light than most people, but the final print is our product and represents our work. If we photographers care how the image is crafted we have to control how it is printed. The biggest fear we have is that a client will print out the image file on a poorly maintained home printer connected to a computer with a monitor that has never been color balanced, and the resulting print is one that does not do justice to the quality of our work. Everyone who sees that print will assume it came with the photographer’s seal of approval. If our work is represented as inferior it won’t be long before we see a loss of business.

With that said we know times have changed and today’s clients want to use the images digitally. Most want to use the images for social networking. Starting this year we now include web prepped digital files for use on social networking sites included with all portrait packages Value and above. We will send to your email address web prepped versions of all images in your portrait print package within a few days after you pick up your order. This is a true savings exceeding $100!